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Thienel Sakhobé, Senegal.

Souls of the Sahel

The splendor and intricacy of the Toucouleur tribe in Senegal often remain overshadowed by dominant narratives, but in this evocative photo series, the truth of their existence shines brightly. For generations, the Toucouleurs, a proud and historically significant ethnic group, have graced the Senegalese landscapes, intertwining their vibrant cultural practices with the rhythms of the land.


Navigating the duality of tradition and modernity, this series delves deep into their world, capturing the raw essence of their daily lives, rituals, and celebrations. From the rich hues of their traditional attire to the profound depths of their gaze, each photograph paints a story — a testament to their enduring spirit and the subtle, often unspoken, challenges they face in contemporary Senegal.


While the Toucouleurs have maintained their distinct identity amidst globalization, they too grapple with the nuances of change and preservation. Through this collection, viewers are invited to journey into the heart of the Toucouleur community, celebrating their legacy while acknowledging the pressing realities that beckon for attention and understanding.

Shared vison:
Action Senegal

I am proud to present a photographic series developed in partnership with Action Senegal. This collaboration is more than a collection of images; it’s a celebration of the vibrant spirit and resilience found within the heart of Senegal.


Action Senegal's mission of empowerment is vividly reflected in every photograph, bringing stories of hope and progress to the forefront. For more insights into the actions and endeavors of the association, please visit

Together, our work not only captures moments but also embodies the dynamic change unfolding across communities in Senegal.

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