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Saint-Louis, Senegal.

The forgotten of Saint-Louis

The tragedy of the so-called "talibé children" is an ongoing crisis in West Africa, most notably in Senegal. This issue has garnered international attention, and it serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of governmental laxity. Today, Senegal is home to hundreds of thousands of these children, who are forced to live in deplorable conditions, often begging on the streets for long hours. Masked under the pretense of Quranic education, these children are, in reality, subjected to manipulation and abuse by deceitful marabouts who exploit their innocence and vulnerability.


This photo series offers a poignant glimpse into this contemporary form of slavery, focusing on the experiences of these children in the district of Sor Pikine in Saint-Louis. Let these images serve as a powerful testament to their struggles and the urgent need for intervention.

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